Hi! I’m Tina and this is my melodic techno & house collection, that will make your body cells dance and inner spirit fly.

DECADENZA MELODICA is at its finest dedicated to spreading my passion for electronic beats. No, I’m not a music producer, nor the next DJ-ane sensation on the scene. I’m just someone who doesn’t compromise on the daily routine and wants to live life through natural higher sensations. Electronic music is my favorite drug and the daily unveiling of new sounds coming from crazy talented producers is my life-lasting addiction. Come, take a trip with me into music with bold basslines and awe-inspiring melodies.

Special thanks to my dear friend Lokic Video Productions for all the amazing glimpses of landscapes that are such an essential part of this project.

Do you want to get in contact with me? Email me at tina+hello@decadenza-melodica.com.

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