Matthew Dekay – Heimreise | Melodic Techno

‘Heimreise’… such a peculiar thought while sitting in this wacky butterfly room 1500 km away from my home. Trying to grasp the upside-down dimension of my life. All known has fallen apart, trying to solve the puzzles of my existence without knowing how. But this fierce desire for beat, groove and melody keeps pushing me further…further than I’ve ever been before…this passion that took me on the ‘reise’ of my life…

If your music taste is minimalistic and refined, the Dutch producer Matthew Dekay is the artist to keep an eye on. My journey with his music started in 2014 after spotting his collaboration with Lee Burridge on ‘Holding On’ and ‘Für Die Liebe’. I was stunned by their unique ability of creating sounds that hypnotize and transcend you to higher states of consciousness.

This time Matthew takes us on a jaunt with ‘Heimreise’. It’s the perfect conjunction of deep baseline rawness, groovy percussions, organic violin inserts and vocals that almost sound like subtle chanting in the background. When a music mastermind such as Adriatique admit that remixing ‘Heimreise’ was a challenge, you know your eardrums are experiencing music Nirvana.

‘Heimreise’ was released on August 28, 2020, by Adriatique’s record label Siamese.