Alan Fitzpatrick – Bilocation Remix (Leftfield ft. Channy Leaneagh | Melodic Techno

‘Bilocation Remix’ by Alan Fitzpatrick is my melodic techno boost of empowerment whenever I feel like giving up. There’s something about the tension-building intro, wide-open bass, and bell-clear vocals of Poliça’s singer, Channy Leaneagh, that never fails to ignite my inner badass.

Lately, I’ve felt low. Life has thrown a challenge my way – a loss too complex to process, too intense to ignore. But this time, I’ve made a firm decision not to let these circumstances defeat me. Instead, I’ve picked myself up and discovered how to transform the storm into sunshine. I’ve come to realise that it is possible to get back on my feet and continue marching forward with poise, unwavering determination and even a dash of rebellious spirit, much like the powerful essence captured in ‘Bilocation.’

The track feels like shedding all of life’s hindrances, urging you to seize control over your own life. With dynamic build-ups and exhilarating drops of highly energetic percussion, Alan’s unmistakable bold and raw bassline, and its daring lyrics, it inspires the belief that you can conquer any challenge.

‘Bilocation Remix’ isn’t your typical Alan Fitzpatrick techno. Originally created by what Mixmag proclaimed as the pioneering UK electronic music duo, Leftfield (though Neil Barnes has been a solo artist since 2010), this piece undeniably captures the relentless essence of the genre with his bass-heavy touch.

My special homage…

This post is also my homage to a dear friend and the man behind all the breathtaking pictures you see here on Decadenza Melodica blog, Lokic Video Productions. Lokic’s free spirit, untameable nature, and big heart perfectly align with the messages I’m conveying today. You can catch a glimpse of him in action in the video. <3

If you’re also in need of an extra dose of empowerment, go ahead and press play to ‘Bilocation’. And don’t forget – techno demands to be listened loudly!!! 🙂

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‘Bilocation Remix’ was released on July 1, 2015 as a part of Bilocation Remixes, by Infectious Music.