Sahalé – Le Petit Prince | Melodic House

…It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eye… – Le Petit Prince, The Little Prince.

It was on my 18th birthday when my mum gifted me this special book. “The Little Prince reminds me of you. A big mind in a young body, with a never-ending curiosity for life’s deepest secrets, and a fearless heart despite being moved by the tiniest things life brings,” replied my mum with a smirk on her face to my very surprised look, wondering why I received a book instead of something more exciting. “Let it be your lighthouse through all the challenges, an answer to heart-mind dilemmas and encouragement to always follow your authentic self,” she continued, knowing that the only way to reach my untamed nature and peculiar mind is through something profound.

Today, “almost” 15-years later, The Little Prince still sits on my bookshelf. Its pages marked with traces of time… and life experience… but this memory is living so vibrantly in my heart. 🙂

– Dedicated to my Mum. <3

Sahalé reminds us once again that the quintessence of (electronic) music cannot be merely heard; it must be felt.

Listening to the mysterious Frenchman’s re-creation of the iconic Le Petit Prince’ is a profoundly transformative experience. It makes you feel like you’re sitting on the moon, gazing towards this blue and green planet we call our home, contemplating questions larger than life itself.

Twisted melodic lines swirl like the nebulae dance, while reverberating pads ebb and flow like the ethereal echos of the universe. The all-encompassing, almost palpable, bassline anchors you steadfastly, like the wobbling particles within a muon collider, poised for revelation of the great mystery. Your body shivers, while your mind expands to the most secretive corners of your existence.

With every whisper of Little Prince’s wisdom, creating a moment of stillness within this vivid composition, your heart bursts with love and joy, connecting deeply with all of us, your fellow human beings, tiny particles of the same universe.

Let it serve as our encouragement to fearlessly open ourselves to one another.

Your exploratory journey doesn’t need to end here. Click for one more dance with Sahalé here.

“Le Petit Prince” was released on January 6, 2017.