Mind Against – Walking Away | Melodic Techno

‘Walking Away’ is a profound and eclectic ode to one’s inner resurrection – the moment when the world around you subsides, and all that remains is you, face to face with yourself. Indifferent to solutions, blind to opportunities, resistant to relief in the grip of groundbreaking resurrection. All it takes is shedding what you don’t need, letting go of what you hold between your teeth, and watching it float away… Do you really feel clearer in the cradle of walking away?

If you’re searching for a track with the perfect conjunction of narrative and music, ‘Walking away’ will blow your mind. Deep, almost dark, minimalistic, yet full-blown techno, but oh so progressive in its melodic development. Italian duo Mind Against crafted a piece of music that is not only absorbing for your ears but for your whole being. Gradually building it up with atmospheric pads, a resonant drum pattern, bright synth chords to the subtle peak of Port St. Willow’s piercing vocals. What a cathartic masterpiece they created!

Walking Away was released on March 13, 2020, on Afterlife.