Sahalé – Nlreb Mra Alrrih | Melodic House

I became intrigued by the more exotic side of melodic house after my first visit to the Middle East in 2018. Enchanted by the experience, touched by the amiable strangers, and astonished by the stellar atmosphere of the place, I wanted to rekindle that oriental feeling again and again. When I heard ‘Nlreb Mra Alrrih’ for the first time, its deep driving bassline and almost spiritual harmonies fused so organically with Middle Eastern inserts, making me feel like I was there again, amidst the desert and rocky mountains.

Sahalé is one of those artists who doesn’t just produce music but creates a music experience itself. His deep yet organic production, incorporating Eastern or African sounds, arouses all your senses, takes you down memory lane, and shifts your perception of music. ‘Nlreb Mra Alrrih’ feels like embarking on a dancing voyage through steady beats, oriental melodies and deep self-realisation. Just close your eyes and let it take you…

Thanks to Marko Tomše for another beautiful glimpse of Slovenian landscape.

‘Nlreb Mra Alrrih’ was released in 2016.