Stimming – Der Schmelz (David August Revision) | Melodic Techno

‘Der Schmelz Remix’ by David August is the perfect embodiment of the essence of electronic music. It has patiently awaited its moment in my music library, and I am thrilled to finally share it. This track is decadent, moody, filled with starry sky harmonies and an undulating groove. It will wash over you and transport you into a state of musical ecstasy.

In today’s world of fast-produced and streaming-tailored releases, it is incredibly refreshing to revive a track that reminds us of the creativity, originality, and musical magic that electronic music can convey. This genre should never be solely focused on streaming numbers, profiting from trends, or inflating individual egos. Instead, it should always strive to evoke something deeper within people—an experience that creates a safe space of peace, love, unity, and respect. A sanctuary where listeners or dancers can come to recharge, find new inspiration, and express their authentic selves.

‘Der Schmelz’ showcases how a creative mind, like Hamburg-born David August, with an almost symphonic approach to production, can completely transform and elevate an already exquisite piece of music by another prominent name in the German techno scene, Stimming, who never compromises on originality. The result is a track that truly dares to be different.

Just turn up the volume and experience it for yourself…:)

‘Der Schmelz (David August Revision)’ was released in 2014 as the opening track of the Diynamic Revisited series, a project that invited artists to put their spin on classic tracks from the label’s catalog.