16BL – Always | Melodic House

It’s been a while since I encountered a release that sparked such joy in me. The past two years haven’t been easy. Hustling to build a career in electronic music abroad, going through turmoil in my personal life, and on top of that hitting the wall of burnout, crushed me completely. After not being able to listen to any music (let alone electronic music) for months, I finally opened my Spotify. The “know-it-all” algorithm informed me that there is a new release waiting for me. So, I pressed play on ‘Always’ by 16BL.

The gentle violin intro immediately sparked something in me. I closed my eyes and immersed myself in slowly progressing synths, driven by a deep, yet powerful, bassline and pierced by distorted melodic inserts that ran tingles down my spine. It felt like I’m sitting on that train again in January 2020. Passing by the wonderful Karst landscape in a moment of complete tranquility. It became clear to me that the wind of change can’t be tamed anymore. I had to follow the adventure of the brave or forever ask myself “what if?”…

Murmuring voices in the background meld together with the now almost screeching violin… ‘Always’ reaches its peak… I knew back then that the stakes are higher than my mind can bear. Taking this step means leaving behind so many heart imprinting beings. But just as the bass and melody subside back into their slowly progressive rhythm… calmness overflowed my being…

After two years of quiet time, 16BL (previously known as a duo 16Bit Lolita’s & now as 2/3 of Cubicolor) is sending new melodic house regards with their ‘Always/ Shadows On The Wall’ EP. A double A-side collaboration with New York-based brothers Wild Dark and singer-songwriter Megan Morrison. ‘Always’ is an opening track released on February 22, 2022 at Anjunadeep.

All there is left to say – press play and embark down your own memory lane.