Ben Böhmer – How Often Remix (Lane 8 ft. Kauf) | Melodic Techno

I can easily say that ‘How Often’ is one of my favourite musical creations by Ben Böhmer. If you’ve been following my curations for a while, then you probably know how much I admire his approach to composing music. For Ben, electronic music is not just about putting samples together, but rather a continual discovery of new ways to fold synths, unique harmonies, and bassline into tracks that impress.

Originally produced by another well-established name of melodic house, Lane 8, ‘How Often’ is a moody and eclectic track that pierces deeply. It’s for souls that have found themselves trapped in that “hot and cold” game, where you surrender yourself completely but are pushed away repeatedly and then pulled back in again. Ben delivers this message on an even more powerful level by surrounding Kauf’s piercing vocal with bold sonic textures and almost contradicting playful synths.

Get ready for a dose of Lane 8’s ability to transcend lyrics into emotional journeys and that prolific, yet deep ‘Böhmer Sound’ that we all love so much.

‘How Often’ was released on September 24, 2020, on Lane 8’s record label This Never Happened.