Flowers & Sea Creatures – A.M. (Ewan Pearson Remix) | Melodic House

I always enjoy digging into the past to revive old melodic house gems and post them here on Decadenza Melodica, especially if they involve artists who need to be heard again by music lovers.

My admiration of Flowers and Sea Creatures began with the remixes of ‘The Sitting Room’ (Mano Le Tough Remix) and ‘No One Gets Left Behind’ (Konstantin Sibold Remix), two tracks that are worth listening to if you enjoy minimalistic, melodic techno from the 2010 – 2013 era.

Not long ago, another track by this UK-Greek electro dance duo caught my ear, this time re-edited by the excellent British record producer, mix engineer, and DJ, Ewan Pearson.

‘A.M.’ is a mesmerising encapsulation of late-night melancholy. Its composition is exquisitely crafted, and the production is crisp and clear. The track opens with a gentle and hypnotic beat that plays with your eardrums. Slowly evolving layers of bassline, atmospheric synth pads and delicate piano chords create a dreamlike soundscape. This sets the perfect backdrop for the heartfelt vocals of Graham Baxter, which convey a sense of hope and longing that is both uplifting and bittersweet. As the song progresses, the intensity builds to a powerful crescendo with Baxter’s voice soaring above the driving rhythm, leaving you in a deep, introspective mood.

What a stellar track these guys created! Ewan’s subtle touches elevate this outstanding piece of music by Flowers and Sea Creatures’ Graham Baxter and Kosta Megalos into a timeless music piece.

Enjoy this soulful journey!

‘A.M.’ was released on February 20, 2011, at Buzzin’ Fly Records.