SevenDoors – Movement of Whale | Melodic Techno

I stumbled upon ‘Movement of Whale’ by SevenDoors on my journey to the enchanting City of Canals, Venice. From the moment I heard those swirling synths intertwined with the deep, almost reverberating bass, I knew this is a proper treat.

As the track unfolded, I delved deeper into its intricate layers of delicate percussion, pulsating synths, and atmospheric pads, evoking the sensation of submersion in an underwater realm. The interplay of high and low frequencies sparked my vivid imagination. I felt carried away as if I glided through a boundless sea of luscious melodies and intricate groove. What an entrancing piece of melodic techno this British DJ and producer has created!

Yet, we mustn’t overlook the profound message woven into ‘Movement of Whale’. SevenDoors has crafted this track as a tribute to life in a wake of losing a loved one. It serves as a reminder to cherish our lives and those of the ones close to our hearts.

So, my fellow melodic techno and house enthusiasts, plunge right in and explore the depths of this ever-surprising musical creation. 馃檪

‘Movement of Whale’ was released by Diynamic on July 3, 2015, and became popular as a recurring tune on Solomun’s playlist that year.