Anders. – Parapluie | Melodic Techno

‘Parapluie’ by Anders. is a musical delight that certainly deserves a place back on the melodic techno radar.

This Norwegian artist presents himself as someone who creates music on a computer. In my opinion, his modesty does not do justice to his exceptional production skills. What you’re about to experience goes far beyond a mere computer-created.

Derived from the French word for ‘umbrella’, ‘Parapluie’ is mysterious, moody, and atmospheric. Its progressive melodic development, resolute kick drum, and deep, roaring bass surrounds you in the enigmatic atmosphere of a rainy day. Each kick evokes the sensation of a raindrop subtly descending upon the surface. Meanwhile, the swirling chords create vivid imagery of those raindrops merging into a harmonious whole.

Contemplating this, it’s impossible not to ponder how each of us is a unique individual, yet collectively, we mold an ocean…much like the raindrops of Anders. It’s a valuable reminder for these difficult times when we see each other so easily as opponents, instead of recognising our shared humanity and potential for creating together a better word.

So, I invite you to listen to ‘Parapluie’ and let it ignite the beauty within you.

‘Parapluie’ was released on September 6, 2019, by Inner Symphony This Berlin-based record label has started as a podcast and now became a sanctuary to emotive, profound and uplifting melodic techno, deep house and progressive house. Founded by the renowned duo, Soul Button and Mashk, the label supports the artists who can transform sounds into an inner symphony.