Alan Fitzpatrick & Lawrence Hart – Warning Signs | Melodic Techno

Heating up global dance floors for almost two decades now, Alan Fitzpatrick needs no introduction! I still remember my first party in the cathedral of the Slovenian club scene, Ambasada Gavioli. Jollied by my beloved friends and Alan behind the decks. It was raw! It was euphoric! His hard-edged techno took us by storm and we couldn’t stop moving our dancing feet all the way to the last beat.

Alan’s “pandemic shift” sees him infusing more emotion into his techno production: “I was pushing my creativity musically as opposed to writing for clubs, due to not knowing when we would ever be back on dance floors”, he explained about the vibe captured on his recently released album called ‘Machine Therapy’. ‘Warning Signs’ is the first release from the album, and up to today, one of the most captivating techno tracks. It immediately hooks you with its uncompromisingly bold bassline, dazzling, almost outer-space soundscape, and thought-provoking vocals by Lawerence Hart. This one won’t leave you cold. It will confront you with all the warning signs you ignored in your life – the moments when you stalled just a little longer and then fell through. Did you learn your lesson or remain on the borderline?

The first time I encountered this banger during ABGT Group Therapy, my breath literally stopped for a moment. Today, I want to share this experience with you. Hold on tight: Injuries due to excitement are at your own risk! 馃槢

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